“All his pictures are respectful…”

A picture of me taken at the beach in a bathing suit had caused to hate my body to the point that I wouldn’t uncover it. Later, discovering the practice of nudity which naturism consists in, helped me to accept my body and not being afraid of showing it among naturists. But displaying it in a stranger’s living room, and worse, displaying it on the net where thousands of browsers could see it, that is something else! Yet the project Who’s that nude in your living romm appealed to me and I needn’t to think it twice. For me it was just achieving a process I initiated two years before.
Could my body be as attractive as to be displayed in a living room? Not my body as such, which is very different from the stereotypes imposed on us all day long. No. My body, with all its imperfections and scars, with all its defects that make it unique, would perhaps be able to be looked at delight, once captured by the photograph’s eye? According to he Naturists’ National Federation “Naturism is a way of life… which implies self-respect and respect for others…” Idan is not a naturist and yet all his portraits show respect for the body and the soul. That’s what I liked with him. The result is stunning… More than a hundred of “Nameless embodied souls” at liberty and happy to have unveiled themselves for their sake and ours. With a slight preference for H045?