I managed to feel myself … the real me

I am an amateur photographer and I have long wanted to take nude photos … However I am someone very modest and I have a lot of qualms about nudity; whether it be mine or that of others … 

But the desire to experience the model prevailed and so I decided to come and pose for the project Nude In The Living Room, ignoring my modesty and going beyond in order to understand and learn this photographic experience.

The most difficult was to register on the website, but once the email was sent, it was a form of relief that settled. Having already seen other photographs, and finding the project magnificent, I did not regret a single moment.

As for the photo shoot, everything was simple: as soon as I met the photographer, many of my apprehensions disappeared; he explained the procedure to me, answered my questions. What most pleasantly surprised me was the total lack of judgment and comments on his part, he is completely neutral and it greatly facilitated things for me. Thanks to the photographer I managed to feel myself … really me. A real impression of freedom during the photo session, following the photographer’s requests quickly became natural.

In the end I would not have chosen the same image as the photographer but I preferred to let him choose, the vision of the other being for me very important in this process, to go to the end. This experience adds to others and helps make me what I am.

I showed the photo to several of my friends, many of them found it very beautiful. I will buy my photograph. However, I did not try to convince anyone to go and pose, I explained to people my approach and I let everyone decide.

Thanks Idan.