Author: Astrid

Do for others what I ask my models!

At the end of the afternoon, I went on Facebook. "Nude In The Living Room", a bright red background that inevitably catches the eye, and this round and cheerful woman make an exhibition announcement impossible to miss!

The concept amuses me… I want to know more…. click click on the photographer's website, he is online at the time I visit… we are chatting… the current is going well. I like the concept enormously, moreover as a photographer, the least of the things is that I am able to do for others what I ask my models ... I do not hesitate a second more.

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“Pressure and stage fright grow unbearable!”

One evening, as I was having a drink at the Roto Bar, a small wine bar where many exhibitions take place, I chanced upon the preview of “Who’s that nude in your living room?”. Photographs of nude models are displayed on every wall. My friends who have arrived earlier tell me about the concept: anyone can ask to be a model and the photographer takes everyone!

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“My doubts vanished with my mom’s blessing!”

I heard about Idan’s project through a friend. My first reaction was to laugh… What is this crazy project? After a while, I decided to check it out on the Internet. I was surprised by my own reaction. What I thought at first was a joke was actually one of the most beautiful and artistic things I had ever seen. The more I looked at the pictures, the more the message of the project was obvious. Each picture is unique and tells a story of a person who decided to show themselves in the most natural and simple way. A surprising idea popped into my head: I wanted to be part of it.

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“The excitement of surpassing myself”

A few months ago, I chanced upon the “Who’s that nude in your living room”’s website. After some email exchange, I had the information I wanted. I thought hard. I saw it as a challenge. Two months later, after I had seen how the project was developing, I made up my mind and took the plunge.

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“Overcoming my persistent sense of modesty”

I have always been intrigued by artistic nude and if sitting appealed to me, I didn’t dare to take the plunge though, to tell the truth, I never really had the opportunity… I used to think of it as a gift for your companion, a picture that would remain in the couple’s privacy. I became acquainted with “Who’s That Nude In Your Living Room?” by word of mouth and I discovered simple photos, beautiful and natural, which made the best of every model stand out whatever their age or stoutness, and with no exhibitionism nor vulgarity.

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“Take the plunge and sit for Idan!”

I was nervous… Please don’t imagine that it was at the idea of stripping in front of a stranger, even an artist; my sense of decency is purely moral, not the least physical. My only fear was not to be up to the photographer’s expectations, especially because I was aware that he was a professional who could not have the same look as the close relatives whom I had happened to sit for.

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