Author: Idan1234

Will I end up on the wall of your living room?

I do not know you, you do not know me... Who am I? You will not know! Yet you can see me, see my body better than to see how many people they know me by heart... Maybe even I will finish on the wall of your living room! This perspective is curious, but far from being unpleasant, it would be rather exhilarating... This prompted me to come and participate and pose nude for the art project.

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How would Idan react in front of that waning body?

I discovered Idan’s project by coincidence… I didn’t know him. First, the concept appealed to me: to take pictures of strangers, with no restrictions, as if it were an inventory. I liked that systematic and hazardous choice. And what’s more, to photograph them nude, it is to photograph them as they really are, with no taboos–no artful devices.

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I like my photo: it’s out of touch and a little pinup-like!

I discovered the project “Who’s That Nude in Your Living Room?” on Facebook. It immediately appealed to me. I felt like posing straightaway. Sitting nude was an idea I already had for a long time. As I discovered the project I found at last a step that met with my expectations: it is artistic, in no way vulgar and the pictures are beautiful, sober and simple; that was exactly what I was looking for.

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