Who can become a model for this art project?

Anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to come and pose is welcome. We do not do any casting and we do not refuse anyone.

How much does the shoot cost?

The session is free. You will benefit from a digital file in 1500 x 1000px format. The prints are chargeable extra.

Does the photographer guide me to pose?

Yes, no need to have posed or know how to do anything. From A to Z, Idan Wizen will tell you the poses to take, will guide you, both on the positioning of the body and the face. You just have to let yourself be guided.

Is my name revealed on the site or to third parties?

No. As the name of the site indicates, you will remain anonymous. Only the photographer and the people working on the project will know your identity if necessary.

Is there a contract planned?

Of course. You can ask to consult it before coming.

Can we pose as a couple?

As part of the project, Idan Wizen wants to photograph the uniqueness of each. He does not, therefore, wish to take photographs of a couple for the moment. However, you can book two meetings in a row, and be photographed directly one after the other. If you absolutely want to pose as a couple, you can order (in addition or instead) a private shooting.

How long is the session?

It takes around 1h30 to 2h.

Can I choose the collection/the decor?

No. The collections follow a chronological order. They change regularly and express only a different graphic universe. You can however find out about the current or future series.

Can I pose face hidden?

No, we want to see the expression of the look and the smile on each of the photographs.

Can I keep underwear to pose?

No. We wish, even if the genitals of the models are never shown, to have completely naked individuals. We believe that this is also part of phototherapy and that the model finds itself in a different state of mind. This is precisely what we want to capture.

Can I come accompanied?

Of course. However, for reasons of concentration of the photographer, we would like to limit the presence to two additional persons during the session. If your loved ones also wish to pose, they must arrange an appointment.

If I don’t come accompanied, will I be alone with the photographer?

Generally, the photographer’s assistant is present. However, its presence is not guaranteed. If you absolutely do not want to be alone with the photographer, please let us know in advance.

What happens during a session?

When you arrive at the photo studio, the first formality is to sign the contract. You will then have a short interview with the photographer to explain your fears, your desires, your vision of the photography that will be taken. Standing, sitting, lying, you work with the photographer to make a hundred shots. Then comes the moment when you watch the rushes. These are the digital negatives of the photographs. You will choose with him the photograph which will be preserved and published. You can then discover the different prints offered and acquire photographs of the shooting.

When will the photograph be published?

A few weeks after the shooting, the photographer will develop your photograph. It will then be put online and you will receive an e-mail to notify you. Concretely, you will discover it at the same time as Internet users. (Except in exceptional cases such as an exhibition including exclusives.)

I would like other prints of photographs made, is it possible?

Yes. It is possible to choose for you, on a private basis, other photographs, which will not be published but which will be developed only for you. The prices depend on the final size you want.

I don’t like any photographs, what should I do?

It is extremely rare that photographs displease the model. However, if you came to pose, you have seen the work of the photographer before and you certainly appreciated it. The problem is therefore at the level of your relationship with your image and we can only encourage you to continue the work on yourself that you started to undertake.

How to register?

Just fill out this form and choose your date of appointment.

Do I have to bring something special to come and pose?

No, you don’t need anything, just your good humor!

Do I have to come with makeup?

We do not take makeup artists for artistic reasons. We want the models to be as natural as possible. You can however come with your daily makeup…

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